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About us

MPservices is a leader in payment services and online fraud prevention environment. We are the first company in Spain to offer personalized service to maximize conversion and reduce fraud so as to promote the return for trade.


The team consists of more than 20 specialists in online payments and fraud that serve more than 30 Business.

Management Transactions

Every day MPServices responsible for a higher volume to 50.000 online transactions, locates an average of € 75,000 in fraudulent transactions

Volume Transactions

Only the volume of transactions in Spain, MPService manages EUR 750MM annually.


Authentication adapt to the real risk of the transactions


We help recover abandoned carts by fraud rules


We define the transaction flow to maximize sales


fraud specialist teams to minimize their impact


Conversion Killer

3DSecure has an impact on sales wrecker. Between 18% and the 21% in Spain.


With 3DSecure card is required codes, phone or both

complicated processes

The user process is long and cumbersome

Foreign cards and Corporate

3Dsecure process does not allow most foreign cards. Equally, users of corporate cards do not have access to keys associated

Mobile devices

3DSecure offers poor adaptation to mobile devices

User Experience

3DSecure is not user friendly bringing experience from the user perspective ends up being lousy

Our services

What MP Services offers

MPServices offers a comprehensive package solution for optimal management of transactions and to convert fraud management in ecommerce another source of income

MP Services anti-Fraud Services

We allow retailers to maximize sales, increasing conversion by eliminating 3DSecure.

We provide a specialist team in managing external fraud prevention.

We optimize the profitability of retail fraud maintaining an irrelevant.

24x7 coverage to provide comprehensive service ecommerce.

Remuneration based on performance.

MP Services anti-Fraud Services

Outsourcing Fraud Prevention

MPServices It has a team of more of 20 fraud prevention specialists located in Barcelona. Allowing companies to outsource fraud prevention service without incurring fixed costs structure.

The team of MPservices analyze fraudulent behavior affecting ecommerce to determine patterns of actual fraud and set a transaction flow and an operation that is efficient for trade.

Optimize the display of fraud (collection processor) removing restrictions on buying and define a transaction flow that allows for a manual review process supported by the blacklisting of fraudulent network variables MPServices.

This process ensures ecommerce maximize sales while the impact of fraud is reduced. It is the setting for maximum profitability for trade.

MP Services anti-Fraud Services

Counter dispute charges (Charge Backs)

Generate an additional revenue line contesting for businesses efficiently counter-charges are.

We articulate a process with acquirers ecommerce is solid and efficient to establish an automated dispute process to reach the highest success rate given trading conditions

To maximize success, We adapt the format and content of disputes based on the country, Issuing Bank, the nature of the dispute and the evidence available by trade.

After thousands of disputes made for dozens of clients and hundreds of issuers, from MPservices we have accumulated a crucial experience to compete with the best guarantees successful counter-charges received by ecommerces.

MP Services anti-Fraud Services


Given the accumulated expertise, since MPservices perform consultancy work ad-hoc for companies that sell online.

We help in the process of digitizing the collection step, in the process of internationalization or defining a reporting system tailored to customer needs.


Industry Expertise


The tourism market is particularly sensitive to the impact of fraud because they often receive % of fraud attempts higher than other sectors. This commits them to hire the best equipment available in order that the fraudulent operative does not affect the profitability of the business.

companies like Air Europa, Hotusa o GoldCar, They have relied on MPServices solutions to manage the challenge of a complex fraud and variant.

Retail Sports Equipment

The sports equipment is increasingly taking a more technical definition. Gadgets, and electronic devices are a product offered by sports ecommerces what attracts fraudulent users. A challenge that many operators have decided to face confident with the team, processes and blacklists MPServices,

companies like TradeInn, DeporVillage O ForumSport MPServices rely on to manage their fraud prevention processes.

Shops electronic products

One of the vertical where it is necessary to adapt an efficient flow of fraud prevention by the dynamics of business, They are those who market electronic products. The variety of products involves a high variety in the intrinsic risk of the same. It is therefore necessary, adapt an adhoc review process.

companies like PCComponentes O Telefónica They have outsourced their fraud prevention processes to achieve corporate goals.

internationalized companies

Marketing in other markets is a great opportunity for electronic commerce in order to scale their business but also carries risks in how to collect and above, as defend against fraud behavior patterns and unknown. Thanks to the fact that MPServices has a very strong international background, several companies like Groupon Glover or have opted for an outsourced solution.

More information?

These are some of the results achieved by MPServices figures on fraud management and the impact on the benefits of our customers

+75.000 dealings

daily managed by the team MPServices


located daily in fraudulent transactions our team

+950MM €

optimized to year transactions

+200.000 dealings

fraudulent located year our team

Our team

ambitious, Rigorous and especially experts in online payments and fraud.

A team of analysts, programmers and developers

MP Services anti-Fraud Services


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